Dear friends, Today I would like to share with you something inspirational I have just listened. Whenever I feel down, depressed or things don’t go well, I like to go to YouTube and find some speeches, videos and so many things which are positive to bring me back to my blueprint of my life. Few weeks ago I came across to one video. It was a very short speech but with lots of things to learn and get inspired. I’ll try to break it down for you and share the lessons I learned. I believe it will inspire you on way or another. Here is part of that speech: You’ve been a coma, a very state of deep unconsciousness for a month or so. When you wake up, you found yourself in ICU room, doctors and nurses around your bed. And at the corner you see a person in military uniform. You don’t remember anything. You don’t remember your name, where you are from, who you were before etc. And the doctors have shown how much your brain has been damaged, and you would never recover any part of your memory for the rest of your life. It’s terrible thing to happen to any person, I can imagine.